Gloss Contour Suite™ (GCS) — Primary Button and Surface Classes for ALL .NET Development Tools


GlossContourButton™ drew our logo images.

Gloss Contour Button and Surface Suite™ delivers "to die for" visual appeal, tab and MouseOver capable focus, light footprints, and futuristic "ContourClient™" drawing behavior to .Net user interfaces.

When we first expanded to .Net from Win32, we were disturbed by the absence of a useful equivalent to the Delphi™/CPPB™ Speedbutton. TSpeedbutton eliminated the pronounced delineation and convolution of conventional buttons — making it indispensable to the cleanest, most uncluttered UIs. Gloss Contour Suite™ (GCS) allows developers to maintain this style of interface design, to readily build indispensable features such as wrapping toolbars and toggle controls, and to benefit from GCS's ground breaking surface conformation and group drawing technologies.

Gloss Contour Button and Surface Suite™ also allows you to do important things beyond the capacities of Visual Studio's ToolStrip and ToolStripContainer controls. GCS allows you to easily build toolbars or wrapping toolbars in which the contours of the toolbar exist either in the tool buttons themselves, or in the GCS surface they belong to. Freed of the spatial restrictions of ToolStrip implementations, your essential tools can make the best use of available space.

Multiple GlossContourButtons™ in ContourClient™ roles to a GlossContourSurface™. In its automated client role, each button does not have to compute its drawing surface data — it simply derives necessary subsets for every state from pre-computed server (GlossContourSurface™) data. Buttons are shown in various disabled, enabled, and toggle (normal/down) states — all derived from pre-computed server information.

GCS goes much farther than its TSpeedbutton predecessor — producing stunning .Net interfaces with tab and MouseOver capable focus, exceedingly light footprints, and futuristic stand-alone or "ContourClient™" drawing behavior. Automated ContourClient/Server roles produce ultra-fast group drawing by eliminating overlapping, redundant computation of surface drawing data. Drawing speed computation advantages for 20 client buttons approach 20:1 for instance, because client buttons simply draw themselves from data already computed by the server instance, as necessary to draw the server itself. Because client buttons automatically derive their surface drawing data from subsets of pre-computed server instance data, you can readily build exotic features such as wrapping toolbars in which each button will *automatically* draw itself with the contours of the server, wherever and whenever it is positioned on the server surface. You don't write a line of code to benefit from this valuable behavior. Yet you get drawing speed and behavior that no other component can touch.

Free evaluation use — and priced to make Gloss Contour Suite™ a standard tool of practically all .Net developers.

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ULTIMATE PAGE CONTROL SUITE™ for Win32 Development with Delphi™ and C++Builder™

PM04 "DataMaster™" module of Ultimate Page Control Suite™.

Ultimate Page Control Suite™ (UPC™) is the premier foundation for Paged, Multiple Workspace ("PMW") application development — a technically superior alternative to MDI. PMW is practically an obligatory format for substantial applications. Yet PMW readily transforms even single workspace applications into far more valuable implementations which can be developed at less cost than their single-workspace predecessors. Informally, PMW has even become the virtual standard for visual development environments.

Ultimate Page Control Suite™ is a prebuilt format for building PMW UIs. UPC™ implementations feature exceedingly light footprints, exceptional speed, pre-built navigation, automatic support for huge page populations, and sophisticated features such as paged, auto-wrapping toolbars. The first click which places a UPC™ control in your Win32 UI can save you megabucks — while delivering performance you may never touch otherwise.

A free example application demonstrates incredible speed and robust support for greater page populations than you have probably seen before.

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